Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Finding a mom's purpose.

So many times I allow Satan to bring me down by insulting my choice of staying at home. I hear many questions asking," don't you want more? what are you going to be"? These questions do nothing but discourage me which I know is exactly Satan's purpose. I really do find joy in my children and staying at home with them and I don't want to have an attitude of this being temporary. God has blessed my family with the financial ability for me to stay home. I want to use that blessing for his glory. A blog that I read so touched me today. It says exactly what I've been feeling.....

The funny thing is, I do not remember ever specifically aspiring to my current occupation: motherhood. I guess maybe I always assumed I would be a mom and never really thought about balancing motherhood with whatever my current career aspiration happened to be.

The transition from diaper bag to backpack and lunch box really caught me off guard. I'm a smart girl, I knew with each birthday my boys were getting older; it was my transition that surprised me.I once knew what I did: I changed diapers and filled juice cups and pushed strollers. For years. One baby boy after another. And now?That transition plunged me into what has been at times an almost frantic search for purpose and validation. I bought the lie of our culture that we must accomplish to be significant. I knew God called me to be home, even now with the boys in school, but I couldn't shake the feeling I was supposed to be doing something, some accomplishment, some more worthwhile endeavor, something I could tell people I "did with myself all day now that the kids are in school." Somehow, laundry wasn't enough!

Our faithful God has taught me the value of an ordinary life lived for His purposes and His glory. The privilege of serving Him in the simple tasks of laundry and grocery shopping and shuttling kids all over town. The holy responsibility of raising a generation of godly young men. The call to say Yes wherever He leads, whatever He asks. The freedom of living in the today of my journey, and knowing He holds the tomorrow

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I'm really working on this. I know that I overcommit myself. Actually, everyone knows it. I don't want to live in busyness. I am committing myself (no not like that, but I probably should) to living a simplified life. I'm going to stop the hustle and bustle that our family seems to fall into so many times.