Friday, January 02, 2009

The year in a Quick review

Well the beginning of 2008 started off with a quick family trip to Branson. What a wonderful time just to get away. Winter flew by and spring was quick to follow with baseball for Carter and Ashlyn and birthdays for them as well. Ashlyn has turned 7 and Carter had his big 5 birthday. By this time, Braden had made his 2nd trip to the ER and I had injured my neck. Summer was spent with more games and swimming lessons. I had neck surgery and Braden broke his leg all within a few weeks of each other. I still insist he takes after his dad and not his accident prone mommy. Braden celebrated his 3rd birthday at the end of July and August came with the excitement of school starting. Ashlyn started 2nd grade and Carter entered Kindergarten. Fall was quick to pass with soccer for Ashlyn and Carter and a trip to San Diego for my sister Michelle's wedding. Back to the daily grind filled us up in November and Christmas came in with a rush to finish off the year with lots of celebration and joy! We've had ups and downs but such a wonderfully blessed year! May 2009 be filled with even more joy and blessings for all you!