Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Day of School

Excited and ready to go! They were waiting by the front door and I had to practically beg to get them to sit still for pictures!

Ashlyn 1st day of 2nd Grade

Carter's 1st day of Kindergarten

Someone else can't wait to go to school as well!
(He's finally better, but the first two weeks were hard for him as his "friends" went away. He didn't understand why he was being left along. Now I think he loves all the attention and wants to know when he can play with their toys)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Braden's Birthday!

Yes this is a month late, but I didn't get to really do a lot for him since I was only a week out on surgery. But we made the day special for him anyway, and here's the rundown....

Braden is... well he's... Well. Braden is just Braden. There's no other way to describe him. An example....

Yesterday Braden told his Nana that when we get on the plane next week he's going to roll down the plane windows and throw candy out to all God's animals. He wants us to have a plane parade.

That boy makes me smile. He's so busy and doesn't stop talking at all. If he's awake, he's talking or singing. He's so full of energy it's not even funny. Well, I mean you guys remember the whole stitches, then french fry in the nose, blue cast on the leg right?

He loves Mater and Lightning. He takes his race car and tow truck with him everywhere he can get away with it.

God has really blessed us with this sweet three year old.

Braden blowing out his candle!

Braden opening his Cars backpack filled with fun stuff. (he had a hard time with Carter and Ashlyn getting their backpacks with school supplies!)

Braden with his scooter and his "arms and knees" as he calls his gear. He has been asking for a scooter since he played on one in March. Oh, and for Christmas he wants a skateboard.

Oh and for some reason the date labels are really off!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I don't know why

but I just haven't felt like posting. Lots of happenings here. Braden got his cast off. He also turned three. Carter and Ashlyn have started school and I am back at work. We're getting ready for our vacation to San Diego in two weeks, and soccer has begun for Ashlyn and Carter. Richard and I also celebrated nine years of marriage last week. I'm going to try and break the posts down this week! And of course, pictures!