Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the Up and Up

I'm finally getting back on here! We are doing very well. I'm doing great except for some Minor stomach issues and some soreness. The arm pain and numbness is completely gone and is definitely a prayer answered. I see my surgeon in one week and we'll test to make sure there was no permanent nerve damage. The kids are doing great with me too. While Ashlyn and Carter weren't scared, they were very cautious. Braden on the other hand, wouldn't even look at me. Apparantly the neck brace is very frightening to him, but he has gotten tons better. My parents have moved back out and so now Braden chooses me (since Papa isn't here!) and will lay with me on the couch. Thanks for all of your prayers, emails, and kind thoughts.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who needs a diamond necklace

when you can wear a beauty like this for 6 weeks?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Pain in the Neck

Well it's official. I'm scheduled for surgery the 22nd. I have a severely herniated disc that needs to be removed and has been causing me pain since March. The official name is Anterior Discectomy Fusion. While I'm jittery about the procedure and extremely confident in the Doctor performing it, the kids are not at all okay with this. They have been on an emotional roller coaster. They are either upset with the fact I'll be in the hospital away from them or that I'm having "surgery". Please be thinking of my family this week and next as we get through this!

Monday, July 07, 2008

The smallest member of the blue man group!

Just a little background:


Last Saturday (the 28th) Braden started limping. I just thought he was outgrowing his tennis shoes and we immediately put him into sandals. Didn't work. So then I thought maybe he sprained his ankle. Nope. No swelling or bruising. By this time days have gone by. Wednesday I get a call from his daycare saying he's still limping and it hasn't gotten better. On Thursday morning we go to the Dr, who sends us to get xrays, who sends us back to the Dr, who sends us back to pick up the film on our way to another Dr. We end up seeing a Pediatric Orthopedist who takes a look at the xray and determines a "greenstick" fracture. Braden is now casted and will be for three weeks. We'll have it taken off, rexrayed and then go from there. So far, it hasn't slowed the little booger down! And he's pretty darn tough to have a broken leg for 5 days without us knowing. What's in store for us next?


Carter is trying pretty hard to learn to swim. Except for one small problem that he has (which is a fear of getting water in his face) he does really well. He has amazing teachers and in his 3rd week of lessons is finally reaching for toys at the bottom of the pool. Every day the kids get the opportunity to jump off the diving board at the end of the lesson. Carter HATES this. He refuses to jump off. So his instructor picked him up by his armpits, and drops him off. (He's got a deathgrip on two noodles) His little head bobs up and he paddles to the side. He then quickly runs over and asks," Did you see me dive into the pool?". Oh to have the perception of a child!


I've got a post for everyday this week *I think*, but don't hold your breath!

Ashlyn was riding in her aunts car last week and randomly asked where her (my sister's) leprosy was. My sister was stumped. Ashlyn is 7 and pretty sure of herself and was completely serious. She again and again tried to rephrase her question but was still wanting to know where in the car is the leprosy. Her aunt finally got what she was trying to say. :) She was listening to Carrie Underwood and her lyrics, "That I dug my key into the side of his Pretty little souped up four wheel drive
Carved my name into his leather seat"

Yep, Leather seat is now translated to Leprosy.

So many times have I heard songs that I didn't quite get the lyrics.
Like when I was little I thought "Secret Agent Man" was really "Secret Asian Man". Any mistaken lyrics for you?