Monday, July 07, 2008


Carter is trying pretty hard to learn to swim. Except for one small problem that he has (which is a fear of getting water in his face) he does really well. He has amazing teachers and in his 3rd week of lessons is finally reaching for toys at the bottom of the pool. Every day the kids get the opportunity to jump off the diving board at the end of the lesson. Carter HATES this. He refuses to jump off. So his instructor picked him up by his armpits, and drops him off. (He's got a deathgrip on two noodles) His little head bobs up and he paddles to the side. He then quickly runs over and asks," Did you see me dive into the pool?". Oh to have the perception of a child!


Rachel said...

Madison and Emma LOVE jumping off the diving board and each time they want to know that they are being watched! No matter how old they get, they still want that approval from their parents.

Susan said...

We swam a ton at my brother's this weekend. Sarah is such a swimming wimp! She doesn't like anything but a ring around her (no life vest, no noodle). That's the only way she'll let go of her death grip on you. We tried to put her in a life vest and let her go on her own but she was having NONE of that! We have got to figure out a way to get her not to fear the water so much. Glad Carter came up happy! :)