Friday, May 25, 2007

Sweet Carter

So obviously I'm posting this while the household is sleeping and I'm trying to adjust to using a laptop and a new photo host. So bear with me and the pictures I'll try to edit later. On to the important things:


Such a sweet little blessing wrapped up in a shell of rambunctious giggles and sweet(read little boy smelly) hugs! Carter is officially 4. Carter has been preparing himself for his birthday since Ashlyn turned 6 in April. We've been counting down a while and this past week he's celebrated his birthday a couple times with a couple more celebrations to go! So each morning he's asked if this was a fake birthday day or a real birthday day! I love 4 year old logic already! Carter can steal your heart with his smile and his giggle. As well as make you laugh with his solemn faced looks when he knows he's in trouble. He loves to sing and play and as you saw in earlier blogs, he's learning baseball. He loves cowboys. Not the Dallas cowboys, but cowboys. He wears his cowboy boots with everything and loves that he has a cowboy room. I'll try to post pics another day....Don't hold your breath though. He loves Ashlyn fiercely and is very headstrong with having his now 4 year old voice heard along with hers. He's so tender with Braden but is not afraid to let us know when Braden has done him wrong. (aka tattling). He gives the sweetest kisses and cannot do so with a straight face. He has a sweet special love for his nana and she loves him so. Carter loves Jesus and isn't afraid to tell you that. He loves to sing (read make up his own words ) to songs and is currently a fan of the Veggie Tales, "Crocodile Rock" and Veggie Tales, "Lean on Me". I'm so excited about the years to come and am savoring one more year home with Carter before he starts school. I love you Carter!
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Monday, May 07, 2007

The Monday Update with random photos

So, a lot has happened since April 10th. But unfortunately I can't remember half of it. The big thing right now is Baseball! The kids are doing great (when the weather cooperates and they love it!!
This is Carter being the catcher!

This is Carter with his 2nd place medal:

This is Ashlyn's team:

And this is Ashlyn hitting the ball:

And we can't forget dear Braden:

This is Braden after learning how to take off his clothes and diaper:

And this is a pic of the kiddos last week:
That's all for now!