Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Bed

There's something magical about my bed. It's not the sheets or the cute comforter I love. It's definitely not the squeaky matress where you may feel a spring or two in your back if turning the wrong way. It has to be something else.

How else could it be a place for comfort, solace, and love for our family?

Whether sick with fever or other ailments, sliding between the sheets of our big bed instantly brings at the least, some small measure of relief.
Whether tormented with a dream that will not leave the mind, the smell of mommy and daddy brings comfort that a small twin bed cannot provide.
Whether frightened when storms pound away outside, laying on mommy or daddy's pillow sweeps the crashing thunder and loud claps away.
Whether laughing at that days memories and the fun moments that were shared.
Whether praying for forgiveness in lapses of judgement and disobedience
Whether confiding secrets and sharing sensitive words...
Whether comforting tears and heartaches or fears for the future....
Whether soothing wounds where words cut to the core....
Whether teaching life's lessons to sweet earnest ears....
Whether singing sweet lullaby's to end our day...
Whether seeking counsel on matters of importance or unimportance...
Whether laughing in the dark until it's hard to breathe...

My bed is magical.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A sprinkle of this, and dash of that.....

An eventful and busy couple weeks have kept us hopping. Ashlyn has made it home from camp with lots of new friends and wonderful memories. She has enjoyed telling us all her sweet stories and reintroducing us to some great camp songs. And some of those songs, I can't believe they still sing!

Our town has some wonderful outdoor pools/waterparks and we have a summer pass to these pools. We've been spending a lot of time at them and the kids are enjoying working on swimming. Braden is working his confidence up to putting his face in the water.

Richard is on to a new shift and we are enjoying having him at home with us for the evenings. It's definitely made bedtime a lot easier on me!

This weekend Richard's sister and her husband will be coming to visit for a few days. We're looking forward to fun times with family.

Now although they are coming in this weekend, I may have to make a quick trip for a funeral. A sweet friends father died this morning and I'm still awaiting the services to be decided.

And last but not least, the Parade! The small town I grew up in hosts a parade each year! And we went. And it was memorable. In many, many ways. Nothing says small town like dressed up ladies missing some teeth. :)

Monday, July 06, 2009

I'm still here...

I can honestly say since I started facebook, this blog has been a distant memory. But, there's just something different about a blog and I've decided to rejoin the land of blogging.

There is way too much to catch up on in the last six months so I'll just start with this week and as important memories/events surface since my last post, I may blog on it or not.

Yesterday we dropped Ashlyn off at camp for the very first time. She has been so excited and couldn't stop talking about it. She made us teach her camp songs and tell her all about what would happen while she's there. While we know she's having a great time, we are kind of mopey at home. We keep looking at the clock and wondering what she's doing. It's so strange to think she's old enough to go to camp by herself. Where did the time go? We pick her up on Thursday and I can't wait!

Just a couple pictures I'll include of our family!