Tuesday, December 19, 2006


My little brother says I never mention his name so here goes. Kenny. He is actually getting married next August and has just turned 21 last week. He's home from Harding on break and has been staying with us and picking up extra work with the company I work for. His wedding website is www.theknot.com/ourwedding/AmandaHarrison&KennyFester. They are just so cute together. Ashlyn is the flower girl and Carter is going to be a ring bearer. I can't wait to see them. So that's my post for Kenny.


I think I spelled that correctly. It's not every year I write that word. Anyway, Richard and I were at the Salon today. Me haircut and arch, Richard haircut. Anyhow, a woman comes in and proceeds to tell the stylist what she would like done. I look at Richard, he looks at me, I look at the stylist who's looking at the floor. And what do you know, the Lady wants a mullet. So the stylist proceeds to tell her exactly what she's asking for and if she's sure that's what she wants. And yep, she got her hair cut. A mullet.

Monday, December 18, 2006


I know, I know. I've been hearing it. I'm finally posting again. Can I just say how much I hate viruses? I hate, hate, hate when my kids are sick. So last week the first boy gets it. Two days later I think the last boy is getting it. Nope, just a tease. Then Saturday the girl gets it. Not fun at our home. And it reeks of Lysol. At least the house got a major scrub down before Christmas! I've been in a clean freak mode lately. Not just a clean, but it has to be CLEAN! Not a bad thing, just not me normally. So we are off to another busy week. Haircuts tomorrow. Last minute shopping!(No, I haven't finished yet), Dropping 2k for a new transmission put me behind. And one more Christmas party. Then it's the Christmas celebrations. The kids have been doing their advent calendar. It's a good thing they are still young because Santa is actually coming to the "W" house on Dec 22nd this year. And then he'll be at Nana and Papa's on the 23rd, and then Nana and Papaw's on the 25th. Carter couldn't control himself this week and unwrapped a present at my mom's house. Too bad it was on my mom's 3 foot tall Santa's bag. Oh well, he was just warming up! I have so much baking to do it's not even funny. Okay, maybe this year some of our friends will be getting a bag of Oreos!! Hope you have a great and Merry Christmas!!
FYI: I need some addresses! I have Christmas cards to still send out! Sorry, had to manipulate our children into smiling while still ill!!! So if you are reading this email me your address! And be forgiving if you get it after Monday!!

Oh and Jenny, I loved your picture. Carter wants to come see Malaya, and Ashlyn has written her a letter! I'll include it with the Christmas card!