Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Family Dating

This post has been constantly worded and reworded in my mind and I'm still not certain I've said all I need to say on it. It's just such a sensitive, bittersweet topic for me and mine.

Can I just say how much I hate when you make good friends and then life happens and you're seperated? And it's not like those friendships are easily replaceable or that they happened over night. You know which relationships I'm talking about. They're not the ones where the wives get along and the husbands pretend to and the kids bicker back and forth. It's the close relationships that the women love each other and the husbands consider the other someone to help keep them accountable. It's the relationships where your kids call the other adults "aunt and uncle". It's the easy going way you don't care that your house isn't clean or that you can just say that you are in a bad mood and please don't take me seriously today. The friendships where you can just look at each other and know what they are thinking.

I've been blessed to have been given some of these relationships. Although distance has seperated us we still think of those relationships every day. And we know if we were to move next door the relationships could pick up where they left off.

And then there's those relationships where distance doesn't seperate but some dynamic does. It's unexplainable. You put effort into the relationship. You get along with the wife, the husbands get along. The kids have a great time together. You move forward and then something changes and the close friendship that could have/would have been is gone. I used to think it was easy to find friends. And to a point it is. But finding a family that fits into your family so well isn't as easy. And when you've already had those great relationships that you want again, not only for you but for your family, it's hard.

And then God surprises you. People you've been around for a while. Those that you've never thought would have the same interests, the same belief system, the same love of God just walk into your life. And you just hope it's for good.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Wednesday Yummy!

A word of warning. Do not bake this alone. You must bake this for your family or a group. You will eat this by yourself if you do not heed my advice!

Pumpkin Cake

4 eggs
1 cup pumpkin
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 ½ cups sugar
2 t pumpkin pie spice
3 cups yellow cake mix
2 sticks butter melted

In bowl beat eggs. Stir in pumpkin, milk, sugar, and spice.
Pour into 13X9 pan. Sprinkle cake mix on top. Pour butter on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 40-50 minutes or until lightly golden. Will look a little jiggly when it comes out but will solidify upon setting. Dust with powdered sugar and serve, or dollup (and I mean big dollups!) with cool whip!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A little Boo

I'm posting this late since one of our "boo-ees" is a reader.

The kids decided to "boo" this year and we had so much fun. All the kids loved sneaking around and each got to do one house and then they got to do the 4th together. They were great with leaving our little gifts on the door, especially Carter who did Dukes of Hazzard style car moves when a certain person's windchimes scared the pumpkin seeds right out of him. So, so, cute! We had a great time and can't wait to do it again next year. Who knows, we might decided to "Jingle" someone.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Family Pics

Thanks to a fellow mommy and a new friend, our family pics are here! My babies are getting so big!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Puppy Chow

So the kids and I had a craving for this and this is what we made. So yummy. Be prepared. It's addictive!

1 stick butter (real butter only!)
1 cup peanut butter (must be creamy)
1 bag semisweet chocolate chips
1 box (12 oz) rice chex or corn chex cereal
4 cups powdered sugar

In saucepan melt butter, peanut butter and chocolate. Stir often and melt completely. In LARGE bowl pour cereal. When chocolate is melted pour over cereal and mix well. In brown shopping bag put two cups of powdered sugar. Pour chocolate cereal in and shake well. Add remaining two cups of sugar and shake again. Store in airtight container or ziploc bags!

Monday, October 22, 2007

My first award!

My sweet friend Amy (link to the left) has given me such a sweet reward today! Thank you dear friend!

This is copied from Amy's blog:

Mathetes is the Greek word for disciple. The Mathetes Award was created by management by God and I would like to pass it on to the following :

Melanie at Mommy Wiggy - Melanie is a dear friend of mine. She has been given the gift of hospitality and she continually blesses those around her.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This is from Branson just a couple weeks ago. We decided to make it a priority for family vacations about a year ago and since then have taken three trips to Branson for little family get-a-ways. We have started some traditions there, one of which is hitting Mel's Hard Luck diner. A great diner where the waitstaff, busboys, and even grill cooks sing for you while you are there. Great music. Country, Oldies, Gospel, Gospel, Gospel! Wonderful family place. Enough on my plug on that. But there is a rocking chair outside in the villages there that the kids think is so cool. So, as long as the chair is there, we'll get the kids pic taken in the chair to mark their growth! I LOVE traditions! Sometimes Richard looks at me like I'm crazy as I tend to try and make everything a tradition! Any fun traditions out there?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Songs of Faith and Praise

I have a confession to make. There are very few "new church songs" that I like. I can actually count them on one hand. I usually find myself just listening the the congregation sing those songs. It's not that I don't enjoy them or that I don't think they are beautiful, I just don't have an attachment to those songs. Yet. I'm from a generation that should be all about the new songs, but in church on Sunday I find myself more focused when I sing the songs that I KNOW. And when I say know, I mean the songs that have touched my life in someway. So many songs I can think of have special memories for me...

I remember singing Does Jesus Care in church the sunday after my aunt lost the only baby she was ever to carry.

I remember singing 728b over and over with Bonnie and Boyd.

I remember singing Thomas' Song in Mesquite on our last sunday there.

I remember singing Just As I AM (all verses and then the last verse 12 times) for the invitations in chapel at Harding with a certain person.

I remember listening to Ashlyn sing Cloudless Day over and over in the car when she was two.

and tons more songs that have special meanings to only me.

So many old classics that I love. And I know that I will someday (if not sooner rather than later) enjoy and be blessed by the new songs we sing now. Because at one time, weren't the classics new? I know what the true focus is of worship and I know where I am in worship. I'm lecturing myself here. But when I catch myself singing a song, it's usually the old traditional songs. So, I'm working on not picking and choosing what I sing, but worshipping with the song in my heart.

Any songs (and yes, they can be old OR new) that touch you for a special reason?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Please pray for Danna (she's a link to the left) and her family as they mourn the loss of Danna's father. E.W. was a great man who loved and was loved dearly.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

An Ordinary Family

Last March I attended a Hearts at Home conference and loved every minute of it. I'm hoping that schedules work out for me to attend again next March. I enjoyed listening to great speakers and something one of them said struck a huge chord in me and I've been constantly reminded of this and so I thought I'd share.

From the moment we find out we're expecting, we pray for healthy ordinary children. An ordinary pregnancy, an ordinary birth, and an ordinary child. The moment that child is born and we count the 10 fingers and 10 toes and find out our child is ordinary, we determine ordinary is not enough. We want "our" child to be extraordinary. The star athlete. The academic. The Popular child. The graceful dancer. The overacheiver. And the list goes on.

So what's wrong with asking for extraordinary? Nothing really as long as you don't forget the ordinary. I know that there will always be someone more beautiful than my children (however, don't tell me if you find them!), there will always be someone smarter, and more talented. I want my children to find themselves okay with being ordinary. I wish I was a writer so I could convey exactly what I feel. But you'll have to make due with my stumblings. There are so many things I want my children to delight in and you know what? They're ordinary things. These are some ordinary things that I've found such delight in.

A sonogram and seeing all three sucking their thumb and little button noses.
My babies first cries.
Feeding my babies.
First steps.
First coos.
First time I heard Mama and I Love You.
Holding my children's small hands in mine while we walk.
Hearing my children's voices sing and praise God.
Hearing my children pray each day.
Little feet kicking me in my bed.
Sending my oldest off to school for the first time.
Little kiddos helping me cook and set the table.
Hearing my children giggle in the bathtub.
My children telling me how much they love church and their teachers.
My children coloring pages and pages each day. The fridge is FULL.
The concern and caring that my children show to me when I cry. (which if you know me is often)
The love my children have for other people.

I have so many more "ordinary" moments in the future! I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to School

Well Ashlyn is officially a 1st grader. (She started a couple weeks ago, but slow mommy is just now posting!) She loves her new school. She was a little nervous, but when she saw a couple children she knew, she was excited. She loves her teacher and loves being a big girl and getting the choice to buy or take lunch. What choices!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wedding Photos

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Wedding Photos

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wedding Photos

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wedding Photos

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Apparently it's come to a game of internet tag. Like my friend who tagged me, I'm not fond of being tagged. It's kind of like getting a Fwd, not one of my favorite things. But I decided to play along as well. It is a great way to get to know people a little bit better. So here goes...

The rules are... 1) I have to post eight random facts about myself, 2) I have to list these rules and 3) I have to tag eight other people.

And we're off...

1. I'm afraid of clowns. Yep, you read that right. They freak me out. And no, my children will never get to dress up as one. Tragic childhood for them I know.

2. I have this urge to play BINGO with old ladies. Don't know why, just looks like fun.

3. I LOVE to cook. Everything except for seafood. Yuck.

4. I read cookbooks like some people read books. It's fun for me.

5. I've had dreams while sleeping about how nice it would be to take a nap. Weird I know.

6. The St Louis Zoo is one of my favorite places.

7. I CRAVE Taco Bueno and I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food.

8. I'm a bargain hunter. I can tell you where ALL the sales are and where the places to go are. From groceries to pretty much anything. I have lists of Kids Eat free places, etc. I LOVE to rummage!

I'll tag: Jenny, Amber, Elizabeth (who already did 100 so she's exempt), Stephanie, and I can't think who else...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dinner Time

2 posts in one week? Do I get an award or something? I (with the help of friends) have found an incredible place to do great suppers. Ours is locally based, but I know there are chains available. You sign up for the amount of meals and which specific meals you want to make. You show up. The give you an apron, show you the fridge and the stations and you create your meals. They are packaged in freezer safe containers and then you take home and bake! I love this! We've saved money, had GREAT food, and have tried things I probably wouldn't have made had I seen the list of ingredients! If you have one in your neighborhood, I definitely recommend checking it out! My kids eating the Parmesan Encrusted Chicken with Pesto Sauce will second that!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


We made it. Well, Braden made it. I had a difficult time of course.

Braden is officially a two year old. Braden's birthday was Saturday and we HAD to start the day off right with homemade chocolate chip pancakes. We took the kids to Grants Farm (which if you're ever in St Louis is a must see place!) and Braden took charge of the goats. I was stung by a wasp at the park and unfortunately am still trying to get my arm back to normal. We then came home to have Braden's favorite food: Amburbur's. Hamburgers for those of you that don't know toddler lingo. We capped off the birthday with a trip to Nana and Papa's house for birthday cake. Braden got some great gifts and has since decided not to remove the conductor's hat he got, nor sleep without the John Deere tractor. While singing happy birthday Braden sat stone still and when we started cheering Braden wanted us to sing it again. And again. And again. 4 times and we forced him to blow (or spit on the cake in his case) out the candles. All in all, I think Braden had a great day! As for a little about my special boy:

Braden is a boy! No doubt about it, his favorite past times include playing ball, and playing in the dirt.
Braden can actually play baseball. Braden since 18 mos has an uncanny ability to actually catch a ball when you throw it to him and really has a great arm. So great in fact that most of his teammates are unaware of his abilities until they catch one of his passes in the head or chest.
Braden has favorites. Braden loves his Papa like no other bond I've seen. Every item or activity in his little life refers back to his Papa. If Richard is cutting the grass, we have to hear about Papa's lawnmower. If we are in the car, we hear about Papa's car. Papa is the first one Braden cries for when he gets in trouble or when he gets hurt. Braden looks just like his papa as well.
Braden does not like to sleep alone. I can actually count one one hand the number of nights Braden has slept without one of the four of us in his lifetime. His most favorite place is my bed. And if you ask him whose bed it is, he'll reply with his! He's a stinker but we love him. Happy Birthday Braden!

Our 2nd major milestone, is Ashlyn. On Saturday Ashlyn was having issues keeping her mouth closed as her teeth hurt. She's been battling two loose teeth for over a month and it finally came out. This morning while getting ready to eat breakfast she told us she couldn't eat since her tooth hurt. Daddy told her to just pull it out ( and if you know Richard this was sarcastic) to which she reached in, pulled it out, and set it on her plate. That's my girl. So the tooth fairy will get to visit our home two nights in a row. And just in time for all the wedding photos we'll be taking in the next two weeks!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Daddy and Braden

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Travel prep

I love going places, but boy do I hate the packing (read as last minute laundry to do) and all the car time. The kids travel great so that's no problem. It's just so drawn out! We are off to Texas (via Tulsa) on Wed for a wedding this weekend. This is the first of three weddings we'll be attending in a time span of 7 weeks. And to top it all off, Carter and Ashlyn will be in all three. We are unable to make the fourth, or we'd have another one to add in there. So, I'd say by the end of August we'll be able to rent out the kiddos for all your flowergirl and ringbearer needs. I'll also have lots of pics to post and probably some wedding attire to loan.

Baseball is our current season of life and Carter had an exciting weekend. Carter has been unable to get a hit during an actual game. Fouls yes, hits during practice and scrimmages yes, but a game NO. So this Friday, (after we've been practicing at home a lot thanks to a great new birthday gift that helps hitters) Carter got his first hit. All the parents (on both sides) stood and cheered and clapped for him. And because of the great hitting of the boys behind him, he got to run home and score. Again, all the parents stood and cheered for him!! He could not stop grinning and the first thing he wanted to do was call his Dad who unfortunately didn't get to see it because of work. He had a game the next day and got another 2 hits!! We now have a little slugger on our hands ladies and gentlemen!

Saturday, I missed the game for Carter and Ashlyn due to the Race for the Cure. It was amazing! I've NEVER seen that many people in one place. It was so humbling to see so many "pink" survivors and all the families with them. During the race, I couldn't keep my eyes away from all the signs people were wearing in memory of their loved ones. So very touching. I can't wait to do this again.

I'm also trying to post pics from Photobucket and unsure how to link to this post, so we'll see what happnes.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sweet Carter

So obviously I'm posting this while the household is sleeping and I'm trying to adjust to using a laptop and a new photo host. So bear with me and the pictures I'll try to edit later. On to the important things:


Such a sweet little blessing wrapped up in a shell of rambunctious giggles and sweet(read little boy smelly) hugs! Carter is officially 4. Carter has been preparing himself for his birthday since Ashlyn turned 6 in April. We've been counting down a while and this past week he's celebrated his birthday a couple times with a couple more celebrations to go! So each morning he's asked if this was a fake birthday day or a real birthday day! I love 4 year old logic already! Carter can steal your heart with his smile and his giggle. As well as make you laugh with his solemn faced looks when he knows he's in trouble. He loves to sing and play and as you saw in earlier blogs, he's learning baseball. He loves cowboys. Not the Dallas cowboys, but cowboys. He wears his cowboy boots with everything and loves that he has a cowboy room. I'll try to post pics another day....Don't hold your breath though. He loves Ashlyn fiercely and is very headstrong with having his now 4 year old voice heard along with hers. He's so tender with Braden but is not afraid to let us know when Braden has done him wrong. (aka tattling). He gives the sweetest kisses and cannot do so with a straight face. He has a sweet special love for his nana and she loves him so. Carter loves Jesus and isn't afraid to tell you that. He loves to sing (read make up his own words ) to songs and is currently a fan of the Veggie Tales, "Crocodile Rock" and Veggie Tales, "Lean on Me". I'm so excited about the years to come and am savoring one more year home with Carter before he starts school. I love you Carter!
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Monday Update with random photos

So, a lot has happened since April 10th. But unfortunately I can't remember half of it. The big thing right now is Baseball! The kids are doing great (when the weather cooperates and they love it!!
This is Carter being the catcher!

This is Carter with his 2nd place medal:

This is Ashlyn's team:

And this is Ashlyn hitting the ball:

And we can't forget dear Braden:

This is Braden after learning how to take off his clothes and diaper:

And this is a pic of the kiddos last week:
That's all for now!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

6 years ago today

we were blessed with a tiny little pink bundle of joy. We are still filled with joy each day that Ashlyn is in our lives. She is the sweetest most thoughtful blessing. She can cheer you with a smile and is RARELY sad or discouraged. She has an amazing voice and loves to sing. Her current favorite CD's are Lincoln Brewster LIVE, Acapella (Heaven and Earth), and Veggie Tales (O Veggie Where Art Thou). She is so talented in whatever she is doing. She is trying out T-Ball this year and is so excited to play! She giggles all the time! And I mean all the time! She loves Jesus! She can tell us Bible Story after story and verse after verse! She loves to tell her brothers about Jesus. (I've heard the resurrection egg story 10 times a day before and after Easter!) She is THE BEST big sister.. She takes such good care of Carter and Braden and loves to read to them. I can't say enough about our precious girl! We love you Ashlyn and hope you have a wonderful 6th year!

*A Big Happy Birthday to our Special Friend who turned 7 today!*

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Finding a mom's purpose.

So many times I allow Satan to bring me down by insulting my choice of staying at home. I hear many questions asking," don't you want more? what are you going to be"? These questions do nothing but discourage me which I know is exactly Satan's purpose. I really do find joy in my children and staying at home with them and I don't want to have an attitude of this being temporary. God has blessed my family with the financial ability for me to stay home. I want to use that blessing for his glory. A blog that I read so touched me today. It says exactly what I've been feeling.....

The funny thing is, I do not remember ever specifically aspiring to my current occupation: motherhood. I guess maybe I always assumed I would be a mom and never really thought about balancing motherhood with whatever my current career aspiration happened to be.

The transition from diaper bag to backpack and lunch box really caught me off guard. I'm a smart girl, I knew with each birthday my boys were getting older; it was my transition that surprised me.I once knew what I did: I changed diapers and filled juice cups and pushed strollers. For years. One baby boy after another. And now?That transition plunged me into what has been at times an almost frantic search for purpose and validation. I bought the lie of our culture that we must accomplish to be significant. I knew God called me to be home, even now with the boys in school, but I couldn't shake the feeling I was supposed to be doing something, some accomplishment, some more worthwhile endeavor, something I could tell people I "did with myself all day now that the kids are in school." Somehow, laundry wasn't enough!

Our faithful God has taught me the value of an ordinary life lived for His purposes and His glory. The privilege of serving Him in the simple tasks of laundry and grocery shopping and shuttling kids all over town. The holy responsibility of raising a generation of godly young men. The call to say Yes wherever He leads, whatever He asks. The freedom of living in the today of my journey, and knowing He holds the tomorrow

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I'm really working on this. I know that I overcommit myself. Actually, everyone knows it. I don't want to live in busyness. I am committing myself (no not like that, but I probably should) to living a simplified life. I'm going to stop the hustle and bustle that our family seems to fall into so many times.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blogger Blues

I don't know why, but I guess this is like a lot of things in my life... I get excited and can't wait to tell all the funny little things about our life, and then there's days for the life of me I just don't want to type!
We've all been really sad the last few days as the realization has hit that we are not going to be in Tulsa for the workshop this year! This is big news for me since I go every year! Richard's new schedule is not allowing it. It's spring break here, so taking off for him is not an option. So, Richard is scheduled off three days before the workshop so we are taking the kids away for a little R & R. They are really excited and I know they'll have a great time! Carter just wants to take a "Acation".

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Chopping Block

Well today is the day. The big haircut. I've been trying to grow out my hair, but it has too many layers and is starting to be shabby. So, I'm off later today to get it chopped.

Just a picture of the kiddos and their snowman!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Fashion Don'ts

Okay, I don't claim to be a fashionista, but I do have a couple of pointers......

If your hair is white with a blue tint, you should not wear halter tops
If you wear a hair scarf, a back tatoo is not for you.
If you are eligible to collect social security, do not wear embellished jeans(glitter, sequins, etc)
If you wear granny panties, do not wear low rise jeans. (This is a must, however I would rather see this than a thong on you.
I'm sure you can think of more, but these are a few I noticed yesterday while going to ONE store.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ashes to Ashes, Beans to Beans?

So Ashlyn has an aha! moment yesterday!
She runs in and says,"I get it".
Mommy: Get what?
Ashlyn: Why we are called human beans.
Mommy: What?
Ashlyn: We are made from beans. That's why we are called human beans.

My next goal: Enunciate my words more clearly.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Ugly Cry

Yep. It came out. I hate the ugly cry. Where you are trying to cry silently but can't. Where you immediately get pain above your eyes. Ughh! But it happened. And it happened while watching the movie, Facing the Giants. Obviously I like it. It really made me reflect a lot. People I know, things I've done, etc. Just a really good movie. So for today, whether it's a good day or a bad day, I'll still Praise the Lord.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Back from the Cold

Well we've started the recovery process from our trip. I can't believe my husband actually beat me posting about it. Oh well. He also mentioned putting some pictures up but I will warn you (and him) they will be censered first! We had a great time and can't wait to do it again! I will say however that I can check learning to ski off of my list. It is NOT my sport. Let's just say the young man operating the lift had quite an entertaining morning watching myself and another who shall remain nameless get off of the snow. We were able to laugh at ourselves, and that's the most important thing! However, if said husband decides to surprise wife with another trip, please make it a tropical location!! A huge happy birthday to husband as well. I am now married to a 30 year old. Uggh! Since he's working afternoons this week, we'll probably celebrate Saturday!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Birthday, Jam, and Bread

Well my birthday this year was bunk. Not sure if that's a word, but that's how it felt. Richard is on days so I got up and got the three kids ready and took all of us to church. A teacher comes and gets me in the middle of class and says Carter threw up. Fun. So I go and get Braden and Ashlyn, load them in the car (it's freezing outside) and pull around to Carter's class. I get him in the car and tell him it's okay, we are going home. He says he isn't sick. He says he coughed a big coff (his words) and that he spit it in the trash. So, he's hungry for lunch. Off to home we go. I made a huge pot of soup. The kids play, I clean. My parents come over after church and we eat soup. I put the kids down for a nap. So Richard gets off work, my family is watching the kiddos and we go to the Winter Jam concert. Our friends drive behind us and on the way into the venue our cars get seperated. We park, pay, and go in. They tell us to find a seats. We can't. They've admitted too many people and the Fire Marshal is yelling for everyone to find a seat. (This was general admission at the door, no tickets) So we call our friends who can't get in because they've closed the doors and said sold out. They didn't want us to leave ( we were a group of seven in our van) and so they missed it. We stood for at least an hour with no seats and let me tell you I was not impressed with the concert. Don't get me wrong, but do you really need a lot of "love offerings" and a sermonette from each performer? So that was it. Bummer. Oh well, I ended up getting new living room furniture as my birthday present and they are beautiful! Thanks hubby.! And we are going on our trip on Friday and hubby is taking me somewhere nice!!! Yea!!
Saturday I made cookie sandwiches (chocolate chip cookies with buttercream in the middle), but Carter couldn't find where I'd put the bread in them! :)
Friday Carter got a papercut and needed a bandaid. Ashlyn said she wanted to do it. Well she thought she was putting Neosporin on it, but instead blood curdling screams erupt from the bathroom. Oh no, Carter was screaming, "my hand is burning". Yep, you guessed it. Ben-Gay. Poor kiddos. Carter cried for an hour while it went from burning to freezing, and Ashlyn cried for putting that on his hand. Oh the joy!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Feeling the Burn!

Okay so this past week I've been running. And oh I can feel it! My legs were on fire and my nose was so red! It was so cold outside. I decided to go ahead and start running outside no matter the weather. I could feel my lungs. I'm not talking about feeling a tightness in my chest. I felt my lungs breathing in and out. I also thought, "Oh, Lord, please don't let me die with snot on my face!" Hopefully this week will be better. I don't know how I'll run today since the sidewalks are all covered in snow. I may just have to do my dance moves (workout DVD) at home! Bummer. Only 1 week and 5 days till we leave for our trip. I'm so excited!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Recaps and Resolutions

Okay so we are all over sickness at this point. Fingers-crossed. We were well at Christmas and then got it again from those down there! Yuck! Anyway, thank goodness we are all well! So we had a great Christmas. Three celebrations and way too much stuff. All of which we love and are grateful for. So Richard surprised me with a trip. Actually let me rephrase that. He tried to surprise me. The company emailed me to confirm the trip and the cost etc, and of course I read what I'm emailed. So I call Richard knowing this is a mistake since I know we are going on a cruise this summer and why would he book two trips like this in one year? But my poor hubby who tried so hard, bless his little heart! Needless to say I'm really excited and have determined (since I have never skiid (sp) ) that I may not know what I'm doing, but I'm gonna look good on the slopes! Yeah for hubby. What a fun gift!
And Resolutions. I didn't plan on any. I never really do. But yesterday's sermon was 7 in 07. And one of them was living a healthy life and giving full control to God. I never really thought about it in those aspects. I can live healthier, longer, and give MORE glory to God. So our preacher announced he's going to run the 5k in June for Race for the Cure. Well, I decided that I am too. I know a couple of you who are laughing at this very minute. Are you picturing Phoebe running through Central Park? Well I'll have you know that I may not know how to run, but it can't be that hard right? So, Richard and my loyal readers are really the only ones that know. I'm not keeping it a secret mind you. But there's just something about saying your Resolutions outloud. At least for me. Another resolution along the same lines is we are totally revamping our food lifestyle. No more eating out. No more quick drivethroughs! It's camping around the kitchen table for us! I'm really excited about this one! Cause you know I like to cook. Now the challenge is converting our not so healthy casseroles and meals to good ones! So feel free to send me your recipes!! So that's 2007. Anyone else doing resolutions this year?