Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Birthday, Jam, and Bread

Well my birthday this year was bunk. Not sure if that's a word, but that's how it felt. Richard is on days so I got up and got the three kids ready and took all of us to church. A teacher comes and gets me in the middle of class and says Carter threw up. Fun. So I go and get Braden and Ashlyn, load them in the car (it's freezing outside) and pull around to Carter's class. I get him in the car and tell him it's okay, we are going home. He says he isn't sick. He says he coughed a big coff (his words) and that he spit it in the trash. So, he's hungry for lunch. Off to home we go. I made a huge pot of soup. The kids play, I clean. My parents come over after church and we eat soup. I put the kids down for a nap. So Richard gets off work, my family is watching the kiddos and we go to the Winter Jam concert. Our friends drive behind us and on the way into the venue our cars get seperated. We park, pay, and go in. They tell us to find a seats. We can't. They've admitted too many people and the Fire Marshal is yelling for everyone to find a seat. (This was general admission at the door, no tickets) So we call our friends who can't get in because they've closed the doors and said sold out. They didn't want us to leave ( we were a group of seven in our van) and so they missed it. We stood for at least an hour with no seats and let me tell you I was not impressed with the concert. Don't get me wrong, but do you really need a lot of "love offerings" and a sermonette from each performer? So that was it. Bummer. Oh well, I ended up getting new living room furniture as my birthday present and they are beautiful! Thanks hubby.! And we are going on our trip on Friday and hubby is taking me somewhere nice!!! Yea!!
Saturday I made cookie sandwiches (chocolate chip cookies with buttercream in the middle), but Carter couldn't find where I'd put the bread in them! :)
Friday Carter got a papercut and needed a bandaid. Ashlyn said she wanted to do it. Well she thought she was putting Neosporin on it, but instead blood curdling screams erupt from the bathroom. Oh no, Carter was screaming, "my hand is burning". Yep, you guessed it. Ben-Gay. Poor kiddos. Carter cried for an hour while it went from burning to freezing, and Ashlyn cried for putting that on his hand. Oh the joy!


Danna said...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday my wonderful friend Melanie. Happy Birthday to you!!!! and many more!!

Sorry you had to leave church and go home early. Also, so sorry that the concert was not the best ever.

Can't wait to see the new furniture, I'm sure it is beautiful. Talk to you soon. Love ya!!!

jenny biz said...

My cousins brushed their teeth with BenGay once. B dies laughing about it to this day:) Sorry your b-day was a bummer. I am beginning to think the older I get the more my b-day is just another day:) So fun about your trip!!

Liz Moore said...

Sorry your birthday was kinda the pits. Happy Birthday anyway!!! I hope you have a great time on your trip!! Just to give you a laugh, I have one better than the BenGay. One of our good friend's son, once brushed his teeth with Preparation H!!! It took him forever to get that taste out of is mouth! :)

Amy said...

Happy Birthday!! Just keep telling yourself that you will all laugh about the BenGay someday. Speaking of laughing, that's what I did when you found my blog before I even finished it! LOL

Shannon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELANIE!! I am sorry your birthday was sort of a bummer. Hey, it could have been worse, you could have been sick, instead of Carter! Poor little guy! When I was in High School we put BenGay in a guys shorts, need I say more!! By the way how is the running coming along? I am looking forawrd to seeing you guys in Tulsa! Love you!