Monday, June 18, 2007

Daddy and Braden

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Travel prep

I love going places, but boy do I hate the packing (read as last minute laundry to do) and all the car time. The kids travel great so that's no problem. It's just so drawn out! We are off to Texas (via Tulsa) on Wed for a wedding this weekend. This is the first of three weddings we'll be attending in a time span of 7 weeks. And to top it all off, Carter and Ashlyn will be in all three. We are unable to make the fourth, or we'd have another one to add in there. So, I'd say by the end of August we'll be able to rent out the kiddos for all your flowergirl and ringbearer needs. I'll also have lots of pics to post and probably some wedding attire to loan.

Baseball is our current season of life and Carter had an exciting weekend. Carter has been unable to get a hit during an actual game. Fouls yes, hits during practice and scrimmages yes, but a game NO. So this Friday, (after we've been practicing at home a lot thanks to a great new birthday gift that helps hitters) Carter got his first hit. All the parents (on both sides) stood and cheered and clapped for him. And because of the great hitting of the boys behind him, he got to run home and score. Again, all the parents stood and cheered for him!! He could not stop grinning and the first thing he wanted to do was call his Dad who unfortunately didn't get to see it because of work. He had a game the next day and got another 2 hits!! We now have a little slugger on our hands ladies and gentlemen!

Saturday, I missed the game for Carter and Ashlyn due to the Race for the Cure. It was amazing! I've NEVER seen that many people in one place. It was so humbling to see so many "pink" survivors and all the families with them. During the race, I couldn't keep my eyes away from all the signs people were wearing in memory of their loved ones. So very touching. I can't wait to do this again.

I'm also trying to post pics from Photobucket and unsure how to link to this post, so we'll see what happnes.