Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I think I spelled that correctly. It's not every year I write that word. Anyway, Richard and I were at the Salon today. Me haircut and arch, Richard haircut. Anyhow, a woman comes in and proceeds to tell the stylist what she would like done. I look at Richard, he looks at me, I look at the stylist who's looking at the floor. And what do you know, the Lady wants a mullet. So the stylist proceeds to tell her exactly what she's asking for and if she's sure that's what she wants. And yep, she got her hair cut. A mullet.


Liz Moore said...

I guess Billy Ray Cyrus is bringing that back more than he thought!! :) As for me.... not so much!

Chad Gardner said...

I saw a guy at the gym today with a mullet and instantly thought of you guys. Tell Richard "hey" for me.

edensfamily said...

wow....reminds me of my days of going to the Searcy Wal-Mart!! I have to ask did she have chewing tobacco?:) I hope ya'll had a great holiday season. Blessings. Jana