Thursday, August 24, 2006

A week's recap

Just a family picture we took at Richard's police graduation! Yes I know it's old, but I'm just getting the hang of this picture thing!!
Last week really started off with a bang! As you know Ashlyn went to Kindergarten! She was just precious and so excited! I'll upload a picture later! It was also our 7 year anniversary on that day, as well as I had been having severe migraines up until that point. That day marked day 6. So I dropped Ashlyn off saw the Dr(who immediately gave me an RX and scheduled tests) and then went to pick up Ashlyn! She had a great first day! When I asked her how it was---her reply, " Moommmm, they didn't teach me to read!!" So of course I told her that she had to wait until they knew her name! She's been very emotional about this since she reads small words so well, but thinks she needs to read everything! So we get home, Richard takes off early from work to celebrate our anniversary, and I proceed to get very very ill. Husband takes wife to the ER where wife spends next four days on and off Morphine (not a good thing by any means) and finally gets to come home. Prognosis, still undecided, so wife gets to go to the Dr every other day for blood draws and medication reviews. So, as of today this is day 16 with migraine but I am on medication and I did have two days on Monday and Tuesday with no pain!!!! So keep me in your thoughts as I deal with this. Not because I can't deal with the pain, it's annoying and obviously painful, but that I remain patient and loving with my family. Loud noises really hurt and since I have three small children, well I don't need to go any further with that!!


jenny biz said...

Melanie-I am so sorry about your migraines. I hope they find the culprit soon. I will be praying for you.
I am so glad Ashlyn had a good first day of Kinder. I love the picture of the fam. You guys are such a good lookin fam.!!
Love ya'!

Amber Smith said...

I am very sorry that you have had to deal with that for so long. I will pray that you can get some answers soon!!

Liz Moore said...

I'm so glad Ashlyn had a such a good first day of school. Congratulations too on your anniversary. I am so sorry about your migraines. I occasionally have migraines and know how painful and debilitating they can be. I can't imagine 16 days straight of them. You are in my prayers. I will pray that God directs the doctors to the problem very quickly and that they will have you on the road to recovery very soon. God is in control. Love you!

Danna said...

Hey girl! I am so excited for Ashlyn as a kindergardner!!! She is getting so big, a little lady. I am so sorry about the migraines, I can't imagine having to work and take care of 3 children while having my head hurt. You are a very strong woman and I know that God will and has seen you through this. I will pray for refief soon and that the doctors will find the problem so it can be dealt with.

Congrats on the anniversary!! You know that Shannon and I love both of you so much and miss you constantly. I love you and miss you and will talk to you soon.

Liz Moore said...


How are you headaches??