Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Grave Clothes

Have you ever thought about the story of Jesus raising Lazarus? I mean really thought about it? I've always studied it from Martha, Mary, and Jesus' point of view but never really Lazarus' point of view. What did he think about all this? Was he mad? He was in a great place. He was where he wanted to be, and then he's called back. How did his life change? Did he become a risk taker? Knowing what death held and the wonderful things awaiting him, did he live life differently? Do I live my life differently knowing that I have something so great waiting for me? Am I now a risk taker? Driving home from church Sunday night, I heard Ashlyn singing her heart out with Casting Crowns. Carter was trying his hardest to get the words out. ( He mostly just praised with his hands). What a pleasure that was. I remember thinking how wonderful that moment was and then to know that there is something so much better. I can't even begin to comprehend that kind of joy. I want so much to live without grave clothes holding me down. So that's my prayer for today! Be a risk taker for God. Live because I've already died!


jenny biz said...

Great thoughts Melanie and amen! I had never thought about that from Lazurus' view either!
What a sly trap Satan sets for us to get us so weighed down with the things of this earth that our focus is taken off of Jesus.
Thanks for sharing:)

Beverly Ross said...

So glad to find you in bloggyland! I love this story too!