Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm the Mommy to a Bully!

You know, I always thought that my kids would never do certain things! Boy did I have a surprise coming for me! It seems my middle child has been acting out at school. It scares me that I can't make him what I want him to be, but how happy I am when he makes the decision to behave a certain way. I know God is the same way. I've always just thought I could make my children be Godly and I can make my kids be this or that. But a wise woman once told me that I'll never be able to make my children faithful. I can only be an example and be a faithful mother. I pray fervently for my children every day. God bless them and keep them close to you. May they seek you earnestly and may I be an example of You.

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jenny biz said...

Amen (that's right! as I just post a blog about watching General Hospital:)
It is a faithbuilding thing to have to trust our children to the Lord. We are told that we can battle for them through our prayer and I am with you--I will go to bat for her daily.
Being a mommy is so hard but so rewarding!!