Monday, October 10, 2005


I have also been tagged.......
First Memory: I remember being at my Grandmother's house and my Dad coming in to tell us that we had a baby sister. I was three.
First Kiss: My mom when I was born, (the romantic stuff WILL NOT be for public knowledge)
First Concert: Acapella (The great years, with Keith Lancaster and George Pendergrass and Rodney Britt)
First Love: I'm not sure, I think everyday I find out more and more what love Really is.
First thing I think in the Morning: Just a few more minutes!
First Book I remember loving: Not sure, I loved the whole Nancy Drew series and the Hardy Boys( I really wanted to marry one!)
First Pet: Bessie and Ernie(our Beagles)
First Question when I get to Heaven: Don't know, I have so many. One of been contemplating recently(due to our small group study on Phillipians) is "When Jesus left Heaven in the form of a man, what did he miss the most?"
First word I think of for Vacation: Sleeping In!!
First Best Friend: Tara Davis (Kindergarten-Mud Pies!)
Last Time I dressed up: Sunday morning for church
Last thing I ate: I had a soda and a cookie for breakfast(yes, I know it's pathetic!)
Last CD I bought: Casting Crowns -Lifesong
Last time I cried: This morning when a good friend died.
Last time I told someone I loved them: This morning to my children as I dropped them off at school.
Last really fun thing I did: We went to a pumpkin patch on Saturday.! I love watching my children explore and do fun things!
Last thing I watched on TV: Angels vs. Yankees last night
Last Halloween Costume: I dont' remember. I know we dressed up, but can't remember as what?
Last Concert- Mark Schultz


jenny biz said...

Mark Schultz huh?? ;) Did he make eye contact with you??

Melanie said...

Of Course he did! My sneaky husband and Jason Reeves pulled an awful joke on me at the concert though. Remind me and I'll tell you later. It's much too embarrasing to wright on a blog.