Tuesday, October 04, 2005

An Answered Prayer

For the longest time I, as well as close friends and family have been praying that God would break my sister's heart and make her need for Him known. I got a phone call from her and in casual conversation she brought up her unsettled feelings and unhappiness with life in general. She has been working towards academic and financial goals really hard for the past three years. Now that those are accomplished she has finally realized she still isn't satisfied and knows that God is the answer! She is going to earnestly start her search for a church home! So now I'm researching churches in Dallas! Praise God!

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jenny biz said...

Praise God, Melanie!! That is wonderful. I bet your heart is doing flip-flops!! I know that you know all the church's in the area but has she tried Farmer's Branch? Our old youth minister, Michael Miller is now the Single's Minister over there and he is fabulous! Just a suggestion!