Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Busy Days Ahead!

Tomorrow I and the kids will be leaving on a whirlwind trip to visit Richard's grandmother and as many friends and family along the way! Pray for our safe travels to and from and for my sanity driving with three small children! Thank you again Lord for portable DVD players! And a funny story while I'm typing....Ashlyn and Carter have really been bickering for the last three or four days. Nothing Richard and I say or do " ;) " has really stopped them, so last night before bed they started arguing and as Carter is prone to do, started swinging at Ashlyn. Ashlyn loves to egg Carter on and before long tattled on her aggressive little Brother! So, as Daddy had had enough, he told Ashlyn that if Carter hit her again to just hit him back. As soon as the words came out of Richard's mouth, Carter was instantly afraid and stopped hitting Ashlyn. We thought this had ended the argument/fight. Boy, were we wrong! In the tiniest little voice, we hear from our four year old..." Carter, don't you want to hit me again?" Oh, the reasoning of children! God love 'em!


elizabeth said...

Funny story! Hope you have a safe trip. We will be in MO in two weeks. See you then!

jenny biz said...

Are you making your way to Keller, Texas??:)
How cute of Ashlyn? How fiesty of her!! She always been able to hold her own!!

Melanie said...

I wish it were on our route. I am getting to Dallas on Saturday night and staying the night at Michelle's (who placed membership at Farmer's Branch last Sunday!) and then going to church at Mesquite on Sunday morning and leaving right after lunch! It's such a fast trip, but Richard's g-ma was put in the nursing home and they've sold her house, etc... and she really wants to see the baby!

jenny biz said...

Yeah!! So glad that your sister placed membership there!! Has she met Michael??
I totally understand!! We would love to see you on your next trip if you get a chance:)
Sorry about Richard's g-ma. Hope that goes well!

Melanie said...

Jenny, She did meet Michael! She went to the Singles small group on Sunday night and met him and a lot of others there! She really likes it there!