Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's Snowed!

Okay, so we only had flurries, but it still snowed! Carter was so excited. :) I tried to explain to him that before long the snow will be taller than him, but he didn't understand! I can't wait till he sees it. Ashlyn remembers it from before, but he can't yet! I love watching them learn new things! This will be our first winter with REAL snow! Lots of Big, Deep Snow! Can you tell I'm really excited!


jenny biz said...

I am very jealous!! :) We just watched the video last week of 1 of the 2 times in snowed in Mesquite. You and I were so excited but Ashlyn and Malaya really could of cared less. We made them sit in it anyway even though they were crying their heads off!! Have fun with your snowy season. It is in the 60's here:(

Amber Smith said...

I wish it would snow here. It seems weird singing all of these Christmas songs about the weather being "frightful" and snow crunching, etc. I am excited whenever we actually get to put on a jacket, only to take it off again by mid afternoon!