Wednesday, January 25, 2006


In comments and my previous post, this question just really keeps coming to mind and if I don't write about it, it will drive me up the wall! When I was little ( by this I mean younger than high school) I remember playing outside every day. I'm not exaggerating, I really mean every day. What has happened to kids since then? Almost every house that we have looked at that has kids has some sort of toy outside for the kids. Some had huge wooden playsets! But what strikes me as odd is that as many times as we've driven through this town, or our former town that we lived in, is how many houses we would drive by where the yards are empty! I can't remember the last time seeing children playing outside! For me this is really sad, as I love to sit outside and watch my children play. And if I'm not watching, I'm playing with them. What opportunities so many "busy" moms and dads miss out on.


Danna said...

I know what you mean. My next door neighbor built this beautiful playland for his 3 children, however I have only seen them playing outside maybe 1-2 times. I can remember playing outside all day long, however I had to be within ears reach. My mom would come to the door and yell my name and I had to be able to hear her or I would be in trouble. I would play with all the block kids, and everyone knew everyone else. However, back then the world was not so much a scary place (in my mind). I'm sure scary things happened however we did not know about them. Both Bonnie and Brennen both love to play outside. They love to play in the sand box and the swings, and they love the slide. Brennen can now climb up all by himself. Bonnie has been teaching him. She always claps when he gets to the top and sits down. She is a good big sister. Maybe someday it will be like it was back in the day.

Miss ya'll and I'll call you later.

Cassey said...

We had a swingset in my yard and my brother and I played on it untill it broke down .I still love going to the park and going outside . the little Girl that watch loves going outstide and rolling in the grass.