Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Random Information

Well it's been a little eventful the past couple of days. Richard has had three days off with us, so that's been really nice. Not that any more laundry or dishes are getting done since he's home and I'm working, but I can't complain!! We are officially on the search for a house! I love it and hate it at the same time! I love visualizing our little family in each house, but I also hate going in and out of people's once private lives! While looking at one house yesterday I was speaking to the agent and my tooth broke and fell out! GRRR! Thank goodness it was a back tooth and you can't see it and it only mildly hurts! Tomorrow we are going to take the kids to see Chicken Little or as Ashlyn refers to it for some reason, "Little Chicken". I'm taking my mom with me since Richard has to work and I'll need her support. Not to watch the movie, but to keep three kids corraled. I'll post after the movie to tell you if it was worth wrestling three kids there or not! Thank you for dollar shows.


jenny biz said...

Good luck with the house search! Malaya saw Chicken Little. She went with an uncle while David and I saw Chronicles of Narnia. She thought it was funny. And it is short!! Could be good for you:)

Melanie said...

Chicken Little was cute. Carter loved it. He would not stop laughing. Actually laughing at parts that were not funny at all and the people around us were not happy! Who am I to deny a two year old laughter??