Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The End of September

Well the end of September is near! Our trip is over! It was so quick! We got to see almost everyone and spent way too much time in the car! I'll be happy not to do that anytime again soon! It was in the 90's in Texas and today it's in the 70's. I much prefer the 70's! I'm going to a MOPS meeting tonight! I'm really excited about this group of women! More so that I don't have to plan or organize anything!! Yea! Sometimes it's nice just to join a group and not do anything but go!!

Jenny---I'm praying for Papa-I saw your Dad's blog this morning-I'm so disappointed I didn't get to see him-can you email me his address? And I'm going to a Mark Schultz concert on Friday! I'll think of you!


Liz Moore said...

I am sooooo ready for 70 degree weather! It is suppose to be 92 here today! For goodness sakes... it's about to be October! Have fun at your MOPS meeting. I know what you mean about just joining a group. Sometimes it is so nice NOT to be in charge!

Melanie said...

Still working on the name! Richard said he'd think of something to make Chris and the neighborhood really proud!

Danna said...

Well, just to let you know that it is beautiful here today. I have all of my windows open and I'm cold if I just sit and do nothing. Bonnie told me that she was cold and needed to put on socks. I love that I can turn off the air conditioner and open all the windows and let nature in the house. It is very refreshing.

We enjoyed your visit so much this past weekend. It was so good to see you and the family. Miss you already.

Have fun at the MOPS meeting tonight. I wish I had something like that here but maybe soon.

Love yall and talk to you later.

Liz Moore said...

Oh boy!!! I can hardly wait!! :)