Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend hubby and I took the kiddos, mom and dad, my sister, and my brother and his wife for a little R & R. Here's a couple pics from our trip!

Carter eating the breakfast of champions

Mr Blue Eyes on the Bob the Builder Train

Braden riding the train outside an outlet mall with Ashlyns help

Our traditional rocking chair picture

There are more pictures and a few videos that aren't safe for public viewing. I'm sad to say Richard got his hiney kicked by his wife in an incredible sweep in boxing.


Amanda Fester said...

Great pictures! We had so much fun!! Hope your birthday was great!

Scott & Ashley said...

I love your rocking chair tradition. That's very cute and I'm sure memorable for the kiddos. Glad you all got to get away for a little while and have some fun!

Donna R said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful trip. How fun the most of the family to be together. The only thing better would be Michelle being there. Family! Love it!

Danna said...

Glad you had such a great time together. Your in my thoughts always! Love ya!

Kim said...

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Congratulations and thanks for visiting my blog and playing!

Rachel said...

Fun! Love the pictures!

Scott & Ashley said...

How's it going? Update your blog!!! HEHE. Luv ya and hope everything is going good. We hope to see you soon!