Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

We are so tired of the snow and rain. Just yucky days here. The sun is supposed to shine on Friday and the rain to start up again this weekend!

On a brighter note, we are off in 6 days to the ISWW! We are so excited to be going this year. It's a wonderful time of learning, reuniting with friends near and far, and lots of good food! Can't wait!

While it's dreary outside, the spring busies have definitely picked up. We're getting ready to start spring baseball for the two oldest kiddos and of course the little man will cheer from the sidelines with mommy and daddy. A celebrates her birthday in just a few weeks and has spent alot of her time discussing how we should celebrate. She starts a mini soccer series tomorrow if the rain lets up. Carter is just a little away from two big milestones. His upcoming 5th birthday and his preschool graduation. He's grown so much! B is crazy as always. Plays hard, talks hard, eats hard, loves hard, and sleeps hard. Just the way life should be at 2.


Kim said...

It has been very rainy and cold here today, as well as the last few days...I'm so ready for Spring...picnics, hikes...afternoons in the backyard!!! We all need it!

Stephanie said...

Hooray! A new post! We gots lots of rain here yesterday too but from what I understand, you all got hammered! Go away rain and let spring get here!

Scott & Ashley said...

Hope you had fun at the Tulsa workshop! Hopefully we can go one of these years. Miss you guys!

Scott & Ashley said...

Hey! You wanna hear about bad weather... Its rained so much here that we had flash flooding and the nearest Wal-mart (which is 31 miles away) got flooded out and closed for a week! Now we have to go to Kentucky to get our Wal-mart fix. :p (this is from Scott, by the way)