Tuesday, October 17, 2006

No, cute little

sayings so I'll get right to the point! What fun we had this weekend! We planned for our small group to go to the Pumpkin Patch on Sunday so the kids have been talking about it for quite a while! But first I had a Ladies Retreat this weekend and then my brother brought some buddies home for the weekend from Harding and then we went to the Pumpkin Patch! The weather was beautiful and the crowd was minimal! I got alot of great pictures, and hopefully I can put them on here in the next day or two! We all picked out pumpkins and the kids have already put them on the front porch!
Ashlyn has taken a major growth spurt in the last couple of months, so I'm on to clothes shopping! We can't wait until Christmas so I've been scouring the stores. Sadly enough, I've found that for her age the clothing is either really kiddy(like Dora, and other characters-and those of you who know me well know I HATE character clothing! No offense, I just have a huge aversion to it!) or it's very provocative. And so if you have any suggestions let me know! I've checked out Gap (not a lot of selection), Old Navy (really tween look which we don't mind, but she's in their in between sizes, so 4's are a little too small and 5's a little too big), Children's Place (not really impressed with their fall Line) and Target (not impressed here either). Yes I'm picky, but I rationalize that with the fact if I'm going to spend a lot money I would like trendy clothing that fits and covers her and will not look faded and hoosier after one washing! So, since I think everyone who reads this is probably female (Sorry Chad) give me your best suggestions!


Liz Moore said...

J.C. Penney's usually has some pretty good stuff and it's usually on sale. It's been a while for me though in the little kids departments!

Amber Smith said...

We have the same dilemma. The skirts are too short, the tops are too tight. I want Mary Alice to look like a little girl, not a Bratz doll.

I have found that when I buy those "great deals" at Target and Wal Mart, they turn out to not be so great. Their clothes fall apart. Buttons come off, hems come undone, and, worst of all, they shrink and fade.

Our policy is to spend a little more money initially and buy Mary Alice one week's worth of quality clothes to last her all season. She ends up wearing her clothes ALOT and doesn't have a closetful of clothes, but at least her clothes don't fall apart. We look for sale items and do lots of catalog shopping.

For quality, I especially like Hanna Anderson clothes. You can wash them again and again and they don't shrink or fade. I also like Lands' End and Mini Boden. We also shop at Gymboree and sometimes Gap.

I know that some of these places can be a bit pricey, but if I get her clothes on sale and buy her FEWER outfits, I actually save money. The clothes can then be resold or given away to friends. So, in the long run, I think we come out ahead.

jenny biz said...

I have heard JC Penney's has some really good stuff. Not much advice for ya' from this end considering most of Malaya's stuff comes from general places and a lot of hand me downs:) But I do agree it is hard to find stuff to cover all necessary parts of the body. It is very frustrating to shop for Malaya and myself too!!

Melanie said...


Shopping for myself, I think that's another blog--maybe tomorrow! I can either look like I'm 18(and I'm not built like I'm 18 anymore) or I can look like my mother! No offense mom it's just not my style!!