Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend Update

Halloween is almost here! I just had to throw that in there!

Friday night I got to spend time just hanging out with my husband and children at home! We watched a couple new releases and I folded laundry. Oprah calls that multitasking. Saturday we got the kids up bright and early and drove to my mom and dad's. I had another funeral to attend. This one for a former teacher that I dearly loved! She made 2nd grade my favorite! She was still very young at her death, and this has been extremely difficult for her friends and family. After her service we left the kids at my folks for an overnighter and went to 6 Flags! Now Richard says he's never been there before! I have a really hard time believing that, so Kathryn if it's different, Let me know! He's not really a roller coaster type person! So he held our bags, while the rest of the group went on the rides! Now we did go for Fright Fest, but I can honestly say there was no Fright! The only Fright I saw was a whole section of clowns! I hate clowns! Happy, sad, it doesn't matter! They really freak me out! No I didn't watch IT or any other creepy clown movies, I just get freaked out by them! So a big disappointment that there were no scary things! I really wanted to see Hubby scared just once! So maybe we'll slip in a Haunted House before next Tuesday! Doesn't look too good though!

On Sunday our small group started our new study! We've been meeting for about 5 weeks, but last night we finally started it! It went great!

Before I forget, funny story with my firstborn!
She was helping me fold laundry and I noticed after about ten minutes that she had created a pile of daddy's "underthings". I assumed she just didn't want to touch them. So I asked her why she wasn't folding them and if she needed me to fold them. She said,"No, these have to go in the trash. They all have holes in the front" Poor kid. I choked on my drink. So needless to say Ashlyn had a refresher course in "Boys Anatomy".


Shannon said...


You are scared of clowns yet you married one! I don't get it. By the way all the heckling from Cards fans encouraged me to root for Detroit, not the fans themselves. Tell Ashlyn she should be concerned about the holes in the back not the front! We love you guys and miss you.

jenny biz said...

That cracks me up about Ashlyn!! We have been considering going to Six Flags Fright Fest but I don't know if I can. I wet my pants way too easily for scary stuff like that!

Stephanie said...

Hi Melanie!

Saw your posts on Rachel and Liz's blogs and I just wanted to say hello! Your kids are precious! Hope all is well in St. Louis! Well, I guess it's a little crazy right now with the World Series going on right now.

So glad I saw your blog so I can keep up with your lives - blogs are awesome! Tell Richard I said hello. We love you guys!

Liz Moore said...

That is toooo funny!!! By the way, Chris and I are helping to chaperone Jeremy's choir trip in April. They are going to St. Louis and Branson. I know we will probably be attached to the kids the whole time but maybe you can hook up with us a restaurant or something while we are there. We would love to see you!! I'll keep you posted as it gets closer. Miss you guys!